You Are Art started life in 2003. We are one of the original websites offering custom pop art portraits at an affordable price with unmatched quality. The volume of work we take on is deliberately kept low, allowing us the time to give your artwork the attention it deserves without cutting corners.


Each piece of art we create his hand crafted and can take up to several days to complete. A rough approximation of our signature graphic style could be achieved using Photoshop filters in minutes, however, this doesn't come close to the level of quality we can offer you.



Printed on tight-weave bright white 400gsm cotton canvas with a uniform, non-cracking surface, prints are hand-stretched onto heavy duty 38mm-deep knotless solid kiln-dried fir stretcher bars from sustainable sources in Europe.


Prints come with built-in corner wedges that make it easy to tighten the canvas. They arrive ready to hang, backed with brown framing tape and a flat hanging system that keeps your canvas lying perfectly against the wall.


While our costs may seem a little pricey compared to some of our competitors, we offer a much higher standard of print. Our canvases have a natural matt finish, rather than the sub-standard gloss finish you will find elsewhere. This means the light does not reflect off the canvas, and that in a bright / well lit room your artwork will still look stunning.


Compared to most high street printers, who print at 360 dpi with 2 passes (no. of times a print head passes over an area), we print your art at 1440 dpi, with 8 passes, using an 10-colour pigment ink system profiled for accurate colour reproduction.


Using our state-of-the-art print software, prints are sharp, detailed, and vibrant, with an impressive colour gamut.



All of the art we currently produce is created by You Are Art's owner, James Mayall.


Having been You Are Art's lead artist since its inception in 2003 he took over running the business in June 2015, James is pushing the focus of the business back to producing quality work over quantity.


The style known as the "graphic" style was created by James in the late 90s (an early example is shown on the right). This style has been widely copied by our competitors, but no one can come close to the attention to detail that is given by us to each portrait.




All work © 2015 You Are Art - No reproduction allowed in print or web without permission